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Popular Growth Stocks Getting Pummelled

Netflix, GoPro, Under Armour, Fitbit, Chipotle, and Amazon are a few of the growth stocks that get more than their share of media attention. And while Chipotle is down heavily on e Coli concerns, the others are all having trouble satisfying investors appetites for obscene growth. Its a horrible market […]

Growth ETF’s: There Are Just Too Many Choices!

If you are having trouble identifying growth stocks you might like to buy, the reason may be the sheer number of them. One reason the analysts and television pundits can generate interest is because they at least give you a starting point on some stocks they either like or don’t like. Coming […]

GoPro At $33 May Have Further To Fall

GoPro sells cool cameras that all the young adventurous outdoorsy cool kids use. Because cameras are so easy to make by competitors, it seems the GoPro brand may be one of the most valuable things the company has going for it…not the cameras themselves. GoPro stock has been in a […]

Fitbit (FIT) Is Dominating The Market For Wearables

FIT went public last month and many were surprised to find that the company is actually making money. In this day when many tech IPO’s are from companies that have yet to make a dollar, Fitbit is profitable as long as you are willing to use creative accounting.  Nevertheless, it […]