GoPro At $33 May Have Further To Fall

GoPro sells cool cameras that all the young adventurous outdoorsy cool kids use. Because cameras are so easy to make by competitors, it seems the GoPro brand may be one of the most valuable things the company has going for it…not the cameras themselves.

GoPro stock has been in a free fall for almost a year now, one almost as big as many of the GoPro camera enthusiasts film everyday. Once touching the lofty $98 level, just eleven months later it can now be bought for just $32 $34. What once could be classified as a soaring growth stock is now nothing more than a deflated balloon.

So, is it time to jump back on board and grab GPRO at a great discount?

There are a lot of differing opinions on this and some would encourage you to buy the stock at these levels while others would warn against it. But if the reported Hero 5 delayed release date is true, is there anything that can buoy this stock for the rest of the year? I doubt it. 

GoPro seems to be a stock that has dwindling potential and it is now even recently rumored to be a buyout candidate for Apple. But you shouldn’t buy stocks on rumors and anyone who does is playing a losing game in the long run. 

GoPro has built up a loyal following and a vibrant ecosystem where users share their exciting videos and connect. This seems to be one of the biggest things it has going for it. Brand name recognition plus an ecosystem has been proven to be one of the most valuable assets any company can have and it is hard to put a price on it. GoPro has that exciting brand recognition and that might be enough to keep the stock afloat until the new camera(s) and drones are released.

But until then, buyers of the stock are playing a dangerous game of putting their money out before knowing much about the future. Right now they are just a cool camera company and their drop in stock price is reflecting that as investors increasingly come to the realization that their isn’t a whole lot more. At least not yet. 

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