Biotech Industry Poised For 2017 Growth?

While 2017 has just begun, it appears that after underperforming the overall market by a significant amount over the past year and a half, the environment looks much better for the biotech sector in the coming year. Merger and acquisitions activity is picking up and we have already had 3 over $5 […]

What Will Investors Do In November 2016?

November is almost here which will be highlighted by the presidential election. The market’s performance continues to be lackluster. The S&P 500 has gained less than three percent over the previous 15 months as the Federal Reserve is no longer goosing the market as they have done since the financial […]

September 2016 – High Volatility As Expected

Investors got a good reminder last Friday that equities don’t always grind up in listless trading with low volatility. After over 40 straight sessions where the S&P 500 neither rose or fell by as much as one percent, stocks fell hard on increasing worries that the Federal Reserve might actually […]

Stock Market Outlook for August 2016

It is hard to believe it is already August isn’t it? The market will be hard pressed to repeat its more than solid performance in July as August has become the worst performing month on average over the past couple of decades. We also have a contentious and rancorous election […]

Investors Losing Confidence In Google?

GOOG and GOOGL are priced like growth stocks but lets face it, Google just isn’t growing like it once did. All the hype in the world can’t hide the simple fact that Google makes the majority of its money from advertising. No matter how much you hear about self driving cars, […]